Introducing e-certificates!

Back in May 2019, Qualsafe Awards introduced e-certificates for all our qualifications. This service is free of charge for all of our Centres and is completely flexible!

Why use e-certificates?

  • Get certificates immediately after results are submitted*
  • Make huge savings by cutting down on your postage costs
  • Reduce administrative burden by spending less time sending out certificates
  • Reduce your company’s environmental footprint
  • Access Learner certificates 24/7
  • Send certificates directly to Learners or employers with just the click of a button!

We understand that some Centres may still wish to receive printed certificates, so rest assured that this service will still be available to you at no additional cost. You will be able to continue to select printed certificates for whichever courses or Learners you like, allowing you to perfectly meet the differing needs of your customers.

What are our customers saying?

“A brilliant system! It has saved so much time and is so easy to use.”
GEM Compliance

“Oh WOW – I am so impressed – what a fabulous system you guys have! Qualsafe Awards are streaks ahead of other providers.”
Ronin SA

“I love this functionality! A great time-saving change.”
Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust

“We initially wanted to trial e-certificates for just the Emergency First Aid at Work course, but we have now asked for the option to be added across all qualifications.”
HDP Education and Training

“The transition to the new system has been seamless. It reduces our carbon footprint, makes the process for our learners quicker and reduces our outgoings. Thank you Qualsafe Awards for the introduction of this service!”
The First Aid Box Training Solutions

* Subject to a Centre’s Direct Claims Status and any required actions.