COVID-19 Update – Further Clarification

07/05/2020 – Further to our communications on 1st May 2020, we have received some enquires and would like to clarify that the document is NOT encouraging a return to training until further government guidance is released. We continue to recommend that only ESSENTIAL first aid training should take place until we have more advice from the government. The document gives clear examples of what constitutes essential training and Qualsafe do not support any face-to-face training outside this remit at the present time.

The aim of the document is to allow Centres to start preparing for ‘the new normal’. As this is highly likely to involve sitting learners 2 metres apart, this has significant implications for the venues that you use, the number of learners you allow on a course and the PPE equipment that you will need, so early preparation is vital.

Please read the documents in their entirety so that you can start preparing now for when the government starts to ease the UK back into work. Please note that these documents are live and will change as more information emerges. We are expecting a government announcement on Sunday evening and there is a First Aid Quality Partnership meeting on Wednesday 13th May 2020, so we expect some minor changes as further guidance is agreed.

As a paramedic currently working on the front line, I am witnessing first-hand the devastation that this virus is causing. Please read the information carefully, so that when we are allowed to return to the classroom, you are fully prepared and able to do it safely.

Kind regards

Nigel Barraclough MCPara CertEd

CEO of Qualsafe Group

Qualsafe Awards