Blended Learning has landed…

Futureproof your First Aid training with Qualsafe Awards’ new, ground-breaking Blended Learning package!

The training expectations in the workplace have changed, so to support you – we have created this innovative product to add to your portfolio of training solutions, enabling you to tailor your services to your clients’ needs.

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Packed with fully immersive quizzes, activities and ultra-high quality video production – our e-Learning has been designed to impart knowledge from our trusted clinical experts; guaranteed to provide your learners with the highest possible standard of learning that compliments your classroom delivery.

This brand new delivery method is now available and ready to save you time and money! No complicated sign-up, all first aid Centres are automatically approved.

To get started with Blended Learning, sign into the Qualsafe Awards Portal and head to ‘Learner Registrations’ – under First Aid at Work, you will now find a ‘Blended’ option, and a full demo of our industry-leading e-Learning:

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