Ambulance Support Worker – Apprenticeship Standard


Who is this apprenticeship standard for?

This apprenticeship is ideal for those taking their first steps in an emergency and urgent care role, supporting registered and non-registered healthcare professionals in a non-clinical capacity. This could include driving an ambulance while a paramedic looks after the patient or transporting non-critical patients.


Programme Structure

With the mandatory qualifications included, this apprenticeship will take approximately 13-18 months to complete. During this time the apprentice will learn about patient care, safely driving ambulance vehicles, assisting with delegated clinical tasks and interventions alongside soft skills such as working as part of a team, effective communication and conflict resolution.

With the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSBs) gained through this standard, successful apprentices will be competent and job ready as an Ambulance Support Worker.


End Point Assessment Methods

The End Point Assessment consists of:

  • Simulated Observations
  • A Professional Discussion

Both are equally weighted and can be undertaken in any order. The apprentice does not have to pass one before being able to undertake the other.



Apprentices will need to complete two mandatory qualifications covering ambulance care and ambulance driving (emergency or non-emergency), with the combination being selected based on the specific role (this standard supports four different role types).

One accredited level 3 ambulance care qualification, from:


One accredited ambulance driving qualification, from:


If you’d like to speak to someone about End-Point Assessment, please complete the form and someone will be in touch.