Qualsafe Awards – Apprenticeships and End Point Assessment


What is an End Point Assessment Organisation?

As an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), we provide external assessment for apprentices who are ready to complete their course and reach their full potential!

With End Point Assessment (EPA), an apprentice’s work and competence are assessed against apprenticeship standards which are established by a group of industry representatives – made up of employers, educators, and sector organisations, known as ‘trailblazers’.


How does it work?

Apprenticeship standards are put together by the trailblazers, with an assessment plan which will determine the point at which the apprentice is ready for EPA. Assessment plans focus on the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSBs) which an apprentice should develop during their training.

An apprentice is hired by their employer for a minimum of 30 hours per week. The apprentice will the spend 80% in the workplace and 20% with their training provider in the classroom.

During the training period, the apprentice will develop the required KSBs, producing the required evidence at each stage.

Once the apprentice, their employer and the training provider have decided that all the requirements set out in the assessment plan have been met, the apprentice is at the Gateway stage.

The evidence is submitted via our Apprenticeships Portal and reviewed by our Independant Assessors (IA).

When our IAs are satisfied, a date will be booked for the formal End Point Assessment.

Throughout the process, the apprentice, employer, training provider and IAs can track progress through our Apprenticeships Portal and see exactly where an individual is within their journey!


How to become an Approved Training Provider – RoATP

To be eligible to operate as an apprenticeship training provider, organisations must be registered on the register of apprenticeship training providers.

Organisations listed on the register have been through an application process with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) that considers due diligence, financial management and operational details.

You can view the register here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/register-of-apprenticeship-training-providers


Working with Qualsafe Awards as an EPAO

Raising the standards for the education and training community

With Qualsafe Awards, you know that you will be working with a trusted partner – driving innovation and accessibility within education and training.

To help businesses and apprentices to reach their potential, we offer dedicated support alongside a full assessment service, including:

  • Access to our in-house customer support team
  • Apprenticeships Portal to track progress, upload evidence, generate reports, action tasks, book End Point Assessments, and much more…
  • Support in setting up as an apprenticeship training provider – free of charge!
  • Expert Independent Assessors, each specialising in the relevant apprenticeship sector
  • Resources for assessment
  • Delivery support materials for qualifications*

*Where Qualsafe awards the mandatory qualifications required within a standard. Please see specific standard pages for further information.


Available Apprenticeship Standards

Approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), we work with the experts to develop cost-effective and efficient End Point Assessment (EPA). We are your trusted partner; providing impartial and reliable EPA.

With dedicated support, we provide the resources required to ensure that apprentices are fully prepared for their EPA, so businesses and apprentices can achieve their potential.

You can view further information about each of our available apprenticeship standards below:


Ambulance Support Worker

Associate Ambulance Practitioner (AAP)